Obesity care week 2022 is here!

Obesity care week 2022 is here!

Obesity Care Week 2022 is Here!

Now is the time to act! Obesity Care Week 2022 (OCW) officially kicks off today and we need your support to make an impact. Obesity is a complex, chronic, recurring disease
affecting more than 2 billion people globally. Unlike most other diseases, obesity is one that continues to be stigmatized and those impacted struggle to receive care in most cases. It’s time to change the way we care for obesity,

• Recognition: the way we care for obesity should be based on health and science, not stigma.
• Weight Bias: obesity is not an appropriate measure for a person’s worth or abilities.
• Access to Care: proven obesity treatments should be accessible and affordable for everyone.
• Science-based Treatment: “eat less and move more” is not a magic cure for obesity.
• Prevention: prevention programs should be science-based and improve health


Throughout Obesity Care Week, you will have access to resources, educational videos with the nation’s premier obesity organization’s leaders and medical experts! Visit ObesityCareWeek.org/2022 for daily content, and ObesityCareWeek.org/resources for information on a variety of topics relating to changing how we care for obesity. The bottom line… adequately and appropriately treating obesity requires change, and it can only happen with your help. You can make a difference by sharing content on social media, participating in this week’s activities, and taking action! The time to act is now.


► Join me in supporting Obesity Care Week! #OCW2022 is here and you can help make a difference. Visit
ObesityCareWeek.org to learn more and get involved!
► I support Obesity Care Week and you can help too! This week is all about changing the way we care for obesity
through education and action. Visit ObesityCareWeek.org to learn more! #OCW2022


Obesity Care Week is an annual public awareness event supported by more than 100 Champion health organizations and our official OCW Partners: Platinum – Novo Nordisk; Bronze – Eli Lilly; Patron – Endo Pharmaceuticals; Supporter – Boehringer Ingelheim, Celebrate Nutritional Supplements, Currax Pharmaceuticals, Fujifilm, Intuitive Surgical, and Rhythm Pharmaceuticals. OCW2022 Champions and Partners stand together to acknowledge obesity as a complex, chronic, recurring disease.

Despite extensive research and studies, stigma and misperceptions continue to negatively shape the way people with obesity are treated medically and generally within society. OCW2022 will elevate the discussion on five key issue areas related to obesity: recognition as a disease; combatting weight bias and stigma; expanding access to care; treating obesity with science-based treatments; and expanding proven prevention programs. To learn more about Obesity Care Week and sign up for alerts visit ObesityCareWeek.org.

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