Jimmy Owens Patient testimonial

Jimmy Owens Patient testimonial

Georgetown Bariatrics weight loss success Story Jimmy OwensThis is my story.

I have always struggled with my weight since I was a young child. I was always the heaviest kid in my class. The only time I was picked first for a sports event was tug of war. (LOL) Wonder why? Being a confident person, I managed to go through life being a larger person. I can recall many times, events, scenarios where I was very uncomfortable due to my weight and managed to smile on the outside but was crushing emotionally on the inside because I KNOW that society does judges larger people. I have tried many fad diets and lost lots of weight. Once you start living life normal again, the weight slowly comes back. I have attended many weight loss seminars and considered weight loss surgery in the past. Unfortunately for me, my employers chose to NOT include ANY bariatrics in their medical coverage. Disappointing as that was, I knew that I had to do something soon as I was on the threshold of becoming a diabetic and my blood pressure was getting higher as well. My medical doctor said NOW is the time to do something about it or you can choose to not do anything and become a diabetic. The choice is yours.

I have a good friend that chose Georgetown Bariatrics in having weight loss surgery under the care of Dr. Eric Smith. He is an RN at the Georgetown Hospital so he was my inspiration and mentor in pursuing this path for weight loss. We met and discussed his journey in detail. I was amazed in his success and how he transformed himself into a new person. He said his only regret was not doing the weight loss surgery sooner. I was like WOW. What a response. That inspired me to continue down this path in gaining my life back.

I was 408 pounds on the day of my surgery July 5th, 2020. Being scared of hospitals and anything surgery related, I felt as ease as the staff and Dr Smith was there in the beginning and was with me during and are still with me post- surgery. I have lost a total of 150 pounds to date. I feel amazing and can do things that I never imagined I could again. I am actually walking/jogging 5K races, I go to the gym 3-4 days a week and I am eating cleaner and prioritize proteins over carbs and sugary foods. The surgery is a tool that we can use as a springboard to get our new healthier lifestyle going. The surgery is only part of it. A huge part of our success are the choices we make after surgery, as the weight can easily come back. When people tell me how great I look, it encourages me to keep doing what I am doing and the results will come. I now understand those words about do you have any regrets? The answer today is the same in that I can now honestly say that my only regret is not starting the journey sooner. I will soon be turning 55 and I feel better now than I have in years. I have made choices that make me feel better about the person on the inside, but I love the results I see on the outside.

There are many paths we can choose to walk down. By choosing Georgetown Bariatrics, healthy lifestyle, and physical activity, the journey will be worth it.


Jimmy Owens

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