Fruits and Vegetables in Season for May

Fruits and Vegetables in Season for May

Strawberries: Prime-time for these bright bursts of cheer is May through June. Give your heart a boost by getting your fair share. Strawberries can also help you regulate your blood sugar and boost your immunity while providing healthy carbs, such as fiber.

Kohlrabi: If you happen to miss this gem between May and June, check back in between September and October when it hits another peak season of ripeness. It can prevent certain cancers, heart disease, and inflammation, this vegetable is versatile enough to add to breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Lettuce: Butter. Romaine. Baby. Green Leaf. Dark and lovely lettuce comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and flavors in May! Do your gut a solid and let the roughage keep things moving! Or, unlock the full nutrient potential by cooking them in a variety of dishes.

Green Onions: Just like the jazzy instrumental track, green onions add flavor and spunk to almost any savory dish. Guilt-free flavor, anyone?

Turnips: From root-to-tip, turnips pack quite the punch! Vitamins, A, folate, C, and K are all abundant – especially in turnip greens. Don’t let any of these go to waste – your body will thank you.

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